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Finca “Son Xona”

Finca “Son Xona” is a tower-like building with a magnificent view of the medieval village of Capdepera. From the roof terrace, you have a unique view over the entire region.

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Welcome to Alcina Vacations. Holiday house rentals in Mallorca

If there is one perfect place for a luxury holiday in Spain, it is Mallorca, and to be more specific, its eastern region.
The Alcina Vacations holiday homes are in this area, in the municipality of Capdepera and the port of Cala Ratjada, which are among Mallorca’s top tourist destinations.
As well as being a municipality, Capdepera is also a town filled with history and tradition. It lies in the east of Mallorca, close to the well-known town of Artà.
The town of Capdepera was built in order to protect both its citizens and maritime routes, by decree of King James II of Mallorca, in the year 1300 A.D. So, a fortified town was constructed on the mountaintops, and its watchtowers and ramparts served to protect the island from invaders and pirate attacks.
Since those times, the town has spread beyond its ancient walls into the surrounding areas. The original fortress of the 14th century castle, “Castell de Capdepera”, still exists today. Capdepera is a real discovery for history lovers.
This municipality has also successfully welcomed tourists to show them the wealth of its traditions. For example, “Ses Madones de sa Llata” is one of the traditions it has maintained over many years. It is a group of women who use palm leaves (“llata”) to create a range of traditional Mallorcan handicrafts: baskets, bags, mats and lamps. When you buy one of these items, you do not just take home a typical souvenir, but rather, a little piece of Mallorca’s history, craftsmanship and creativity.
As well as its historical value and its traditions, Capdepera offers visitors a wide range of shops and a weekly street market each Wednesday. Food lovers will find many excellent restaurants to discover in Capdepera. Traditional celebration days are also held, such as the medieval fair in May and, in summer, “La Virgen del Carmen”, the “San Roque” and “San Bartomeu” festivals, in which you can enjoy a wide range of different types of activities.
Capdepera is a magnificent town to explore. In addition to the “Castell de Capdepera”, it has many other buildings of historical interest, including the church of “Sant Bartomeu“. In the surrounding area, there are several excursions you won’t want to miss out on: Canyamel Tower, which dates back to the 13th century and from where you can enjoy unbeatable views of Mallorca’s eastern coast and interior; Capdepera lighthouse, located in a spectacular natural environment where you can see the cliffs and, on a clear day, the island of Menorca; and the caves of Artà, whose entrance overlooks the sea, in cliffs, at a height of almost 40 metres,
When you have admired Capdepera’s architecture, history and traditions, you can enjoy its nature and stunning views, which are ideal for walking and cycling. Here are a few route options for walking and cycling: 20 walks in Capdepera and bicycle routes. And, if you prefer, you can also enjoy the coastline in this part of Mallorca: the fishing port of “Cala Ratjada” with its seafront promenade which is perfect for long walks, and a multitude of beautiful bays to lose yourself in, including “Cala Mesquida”, “Canyamel”, “Cala Agulla”, “Es Carregador”, “Font de Sa Cala”, and many more which you can discover using this link: Capdepera beaches.
Golf lovers will also find their personal paradise in this corner of Mallorca. Capdepera Golf and Canyamel Golf are both 18-hole courses located in the Llevant hills, in a unique environment and with excellent facilities. In addition, about 10 km away you will find the Pula Golf and Golf Son Servera courses, both with 18 holes.
It is true that this eastern region of Mallorca has absolutely everything you need to enjoy a dream holiday.

Alcina Vacations and the rental of tourist properties in Mallorca

First of all, we have Finca Son Xona in the municipality of Capdepera, in the eastern part of the island of Mallorca. The medieval village of Capdepera can be seen from the roof of the estate, and offers spectacular views. Also, the castle shape of the main building of the estate gives it a special touch and makes it fit completely with the village. This is a great option if you are interested in renting properties in Mallorca.

On the other hand, there is Can Cosset Holiday Home, a holiday home which is also situated in the charming village of Capdepera. It is a semi-detached house located in a quiet part of the municipality. Is close to restaurants, shops, etc., so you will have everything you need at your fingertips. The strong point of this house is its swimming pool. Ideal for relaxing and spending a dream vacation.

One of our most outstanding estates is Finca Canyamel Golf & Beach. The name says it all, doesn’t it? It is located in Canyamel and is just over five kilometres from the beach. That is, less than 8 minutes by car. But that’s not all, since you have a golf course just over 2 kilometers away, which you can enjoy if you are a lover of this sport. And to relax, you’ll have a private swimming pool. What more could you ask for?

Finally, there’s Ca’s Padri Vacation Home, a classic villa perfect for those who enjoy being surrounded by glamour and the classic touch of Mallorcan villas. Its views of Capdepera are stunning, and you can marvel at the castle in the village in the background. In addition, it is ideal for both summer and winter, as it has a fireplace that will give a romantic touch to cold nights.

If you want to know more about renting our farms and holiday homes in Mallorca, contact us and we will advise you to enjoy your holidays like never before.

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Finca “Son Xona”

Finca Ca´n Cosset

Finca Canyamel Golf & Beach

Ca´s Padri Vacation Home